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We are offering the following services for our customers to order for entries


OSB Ltd helps companies products or services for access to the groundhandling market in Hungary and air freight. We know the operating mechanism of the Hungarian market with advice and do all you can to protect you and your company to unnecessary pitfalls:

• We promote products and services entering the Hungarian market in ground handling and cargo handling (for official permits, studies, etc.).

• Prepare related to ground handling and air delivery operations business plans

• We take an active role and products. Service price strategy of the development of

• We are engaged in finding potential buyers

• Prepare documentation required for ground handling activities (manuals, technologies, etc.).

• Contributors to the airline ground handling tenders are prepared Deals of the development and implementation of their arrangement

• Közremuködünk árus charter járatok megszervezésében

• If required, we are training and organizing the ground handling and activities related to cargo topics

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Tel.: +36-30-7905233

email: contact@opensalesbusiness.eu

Company registration number: Cg.01-09-863236